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I'm a 28 year old German living in the ČR for about a year now (near Cheb). Unfortunately I haven't had much luck learning the language properly yet, so I'd like to join a gun club to improve (and to get my zbrojní průkaz). Are gun clubs even a thing here? In Germany they're called "Schützenverein" and it's required to be a member to acquire any kind of gun. I know that you don't need to do this here, but I believe it would be nice for me to socialize.

Can you point me into the right direction? Or maybe you know someone who could use an international club-member (I speak Russian, too), I'd love to be contacted.

By the way, this website is truly amazing and very informative. Thanks for that, whoever is in charge.

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Es gibt einiges an Schuetzenvereine hier - am besten wenn Du Dich am einen Schiessplatz in deiner Gegend erkuendigst. Viele Schiessplaetze bieten auch die Moeglichkeit unter der Aufsicht ohne ZP mit einer geleihten Waffe zu schiessen bzw. bieten die Kurse fuer die Vorbereitung fuer die fachliche Pruefung an.

Fang z.B. hier an - schau dir die Karte an und such Dir was in deiner Gegend aus.



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Die beste antwort Miro.

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Согласен :-)

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Welcome Rondo! Using the link provided by Miro you shouldn't have a problem to find a proper shooting range which is also usually connected to certain club. But here in our country you don't need to be member of any club to be able to shoot on targets, you can easily visit any commercial shooting range/club and pay for the instructor, gun and ammo.

Also using this forum you can ask members in your region to make you company, show you safety behavior, gun handling basics and help you understand the czech gun law. But learning czech language is very important, because Zbrojní průkaz tests are only in czech language (at least what I have heard).

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Příspěvek#6 » čtv 29. čer 2017, 20:57

Alright, thank you all for your help. I'll check that stuff out :thumbup:

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